Simon Engelke

Energy storage // Entrepreneurship // Student representation

Energy storage:

When I was ten I received a fuel cell from my dad, sparking a first strong interest in energy storage. After deciding that energy storage is the missing link in the transition to renewable energies, I took an undergraduate in physics & chemistry at Maastricht University and materials science & engineering at UC Berkeley. I was a Research Assistant at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and participated in Google Summer of Code 2014, in both cases dealing with battery materials. Having been persuaded that the implementation of new technologies needs partners in both business and politics, I decided to explore these fields by being active in the foundation of start-ups and as a student representative. Currently, I am a graduate student at the University of Cambridge. 


Artist Collective Fayst

Publishing house, created when I was 15. It transformed into artists’ collective Fayst, alongside an online publishing platform. Fayst carries out exhibitions, festivals, art projects and related events. Based in Berlin.

Consulting HiPotential

Launch of the consulting HiPotential to help businesses outsourcing their projects and add creativity to everyday challenges. Offer motivated students the chance to shape projects that will have a real impact.

Student representation:

Political Party UMatter

Founder of the students’ representation UMatter, created to influence legislation in Maastricht University. Continued as representative for around 6800 international students in the Studentenraad Maastricht.

Study Association Aperture

Founder and external relations. I started the book sale, by creating a partnership with a leading bookseller in Maastricht, organized an exchange with University College Freiburg and set up the website.


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Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2013, Chemistry